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SF94-Serv features balls. They come in multiple colors. They can be pushed, stacked and even thrown by hitting them with a ring. They're scattered around the city and can also be created using the sandbox mode.


The following colors of balls are known to exist:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black (cannonball)
  • Green (There is a secret trick to make them)

Cannonball contests

Every once in a while, there is a cannonball contest, where the skill and accuracy of the competitors are put under stress. While there are several kinds of challenges, they generally consist in shooting a cannonball by pushing it on a spring, trying to aim onto a specific target.

The winner of the last contest is SonicFreak94. The next contest is scheduled after the release of SRB2ME.

Hitting cannonballs from below

A technique used by some competitors (most notably Sik) sometimes is to shoot themselves along with the cannonball, and then hit the it from below while it's still in the air to make it reach further. However, this technique is very hard to pull off, and has lead to death in more than one situation.

Get on the ball!

If you see a random Sonic which yells you "Get on the ball", you gotta jump on the nearest ball and stay there!