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A Chao in a very early version of SF94-Serv MKIII

Chao are living beings made out of water. Their first appearance was in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, and they have appeared in many Sonic games afterwards. SF94-Serv happens to also feature Chao, and while they cannot be raised unlike other games, they still can be found scattered around. During development of the Chao, SonicFreak94 would randomly find Chao sneaking up behind him and killing him in a place or a way that made him feel uncomfortable. It was noted from then on that Chao are rapists


Chao live in the Chao Garden. It can be accessed from a teleporter in the Chao Center of SF94-City. The Chao Garden is mostly a green area, with some palmtrees and a pond that is filled from the waterfalls. Nobody knows where the water comes from.


Chao can be killed in SF94-Serv. While jumping and spindashing on them doesn't work, they can be damaged by shooting at them or by using the armageddon shield.

Although possible, it is advised that you don't kill Chao. You're killing a living being. They will never be back. Ever. There is no way you can undo this, and you will have to deal with the guilt for the rest of your life. Do you want that? I don't think so. Also imagine if somebody killed you instead. Please, think of the Chao. ;(

Plural form

The plural form of Chao is also Chao. Deal with it.