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The doors in SF94-City are automatic: stand in front of them and they'll open automatically. Go to the other side and they'll close automatically as well. However, against common sense, they won't stay open as long as somebody is near them. Instead, they will toggle their opened/closed state whenever somebody steps near them (jumping is considered stepping into them again). This often leads to the situation where several people attempt to go through doors, whoever opened the door will get crushed because the person behind him/her will close it when stepping near them. In recent versions, random NPCs (or any pushable, for that matter) are also able to open and close doors. This increases the odds for unwarranted deaths.

Be careful when going through doors, and if possible, don't get crushed. Not only you will die, but everybody else will laugh at you.


Since SF94-Serv mkIII, it is possible to block a door by pushing an object under it, such as a ball or a Chao. Doing so will get the door stuck if it tries to close. Be careful though, removing the object will close the door, and any player that happens to be under it will be crushed.


  • Make sure nobody is around you when going through the door.
  • Don't walk under it. Jump instead - either you'll hit the door early (and obviously you won't be under it) or you'll manage to get past it by the time it closes.
  • If you kill somebody this way on purpose, you'll get killed as soon as you try to get past that door due to Weegee.
  • Don't mention Weegee's name in vain.

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