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A dozen of empanadas in real life

Empanadas are SonicFreak94's favorite food. Also they're sold by the store.

How to eat an empanada

  1. Grab empanada
  2. Place in mouth
  3. While there is empanada left
    1. Bite
    2. Chew
    3. Swallow
    4. Repeat

How to eat an empanada (C++ Version)

void eat(Empanada empanada, Person self) {

   while(empanada.isLeft()) {

Types of empanada

There are different types of empanada, based on what's inside them (the filling). Here's a quick list of some of the most popular kinds of empanada, but there are many, many more! Remember you can put anything inside an empanada, even puyo! =]

  • Meat (usually with egg and olives)
  • Ham and cheese
  • Chicken
  • "Humita" (has corn)
  • Sweet (with jam and sauce)
  • Etc.

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