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This is a how-to on getting SF94-Serv. For the latest list of changes, click here.

Method 1

SF94Launcher requires a minimum of .NET Framework 3.5 to run. Download from here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) If you cannot install .NET Framework or aren't allowed to, please use Method 2.

Download method 1 (Recommended, Updated: 11/12/2010): Download

Download the zip in the link above. Open the .zip (double click it), drag all of its contents to your SRB2 folder, and run (double click) the SF94Launcher.exe. A small window will appear with two progress bars. Wait for the download to completely finish (bars stop moving) and close the window. A launcher will then open from which you can run SF94-Serv with various settings.

Click here for video tutorial.

Method 2

Download method 2: Download (This uses wget.)

Download the file above, and open it (double click it). Drag all of its content to your SRB2 folder. Go to your SRB2 folder and run (double click) "SF94-Serv Updater.bat", and a command prompt will open (Black window with white text). Don't be scared, this is normal. Once it closes, you know that it finished downloading and you now have SF94-Serv.

Click here for video tutorial.

Method 3 (Linux)

Download method 3: Download

For those of you on Linux, you probably know what to do. Grab the batch script from method 2 above, and re-format it into a shell script or something.


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