Green City

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Name: Green City zone
Map slot: MAPY0

Green City is, like its name says, a city full of green, somewhat reminiscent of Green Flower zone. It's a huge city (huge enough to make the software renderer fail to render it properly sometimes), with many places to visit.

Green City is split into three main sections: The north section contains most of the buildings, while the beach is located at the south section. The east section is accessed through the south section, and contains a few more buildings and a giant Dreamcast. Also there's an unaccessible area, with some signs saying "unstable area". Maybe it'll be accessible in the future? :O

What's in it



  • Train station (leads to SF94-City)
  • North cave (currently leads nowhere)
  • South cave (leads to Neon Night)


  • Giant Dreamcast


  • Unflood the flooded house
  • Destroy ultimate fanfic
  • Break into the bank vault!
  • Find C.C.'s house


  • Find a green shield