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MainMemory's bot. It does lots of stuff. Formerly known as GLaDOS, because it likes to quote Portal. Now known as DocScratch because Homestuck.

When it's online, you can see statistics and command help here.

How To Have Your Own MMBot

  • Download the C# 4.0 source code here
  • You can find a prebuilt MMBot.exe in MMBotDist/Pre-Built/MMBot
  • Also in that folder are several INI files:
    • global.ini:
      • set opname to the nick you normally use on IRC
      • set password to a password you can use to regain control of the bot with "/msg MMBot op password"
    • MMBot.ini lists the servers that it can join and the channels it will join automatically
  • When it joins a server, you may want to change its nick from the default with the "!nick newnick" command
  • If you register it with NickServ, use "/msg MMBot nspass password" to have it remember the password