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SF94-Serv's City

Name: SF94-City zone
Map slot: MAPZ1

SF94-City, usually referred just as the city, is the main feature from SF94-Serv. It is accessed from the server lobby using the central space elevator, which leads to the guild in the city. The city is located on Earth on a remote island, and is located right below the lobby. While the island is still remote, it somehow has still kept its sense of technology.

Master Server

The city is a hang out map. Because of this (and specially since it's the main feature of this mod), it is not allowed to be played in the Standard Room on the Master Server, though the Casual Room is still perfectly acceptable for hosting SF94-Serv.


  • The original version of the city was made out of pure randomness. It had many houses around, as well as a pizza store, teleporters to the main SRB2 zones, and more random buildings. It also had a large beach and four separate areas that had no purpose at all in some cases. Late in its life there were also added really tall buildings and a park with a fountain. This version of the city was abandoned because the large amount of FOFs caused it to lag a lot.
  • The second version of the city was a complete revamp, heavily based off Pioneer 2 from Phantasy Star Online. Houses are not present now, but there were new buildings each with a specific purpose: a warehouse, a prison, a store, there's even a Chao Garden featuring rapist Chao. It also had a rigged maze of doom™ and there was a fountain. Some cannonballs were also scattered, probably from the cannonball contests held during the original SF94-Serv version. This version of the city was abandoned due to SRB2 2.0's lack of backwards compatibility with 1.09.4, and general lack of creativity.
    • In between the second version and the third was a Station Square placeholder. Being a placeholder, it was there to keep various friends of SonicFreak94's occupied. This version was never finished.
  • The current version of the city is a mix of the two previous versions. It currently consists of a few basic missions, an unfinished jail, a Library/Café, Chao Center and Chao Garden, as well as a random teleporting room of doom, while keeping a futuristic PSO style feel. A lot is planned for this one to make up for the second version's lack of creativity. It hasn't been implemented yet, but there will be a housing area accessed via teleporter, and much much more.

What's in it



  • Lobby entrance (leads back to the lobby)


  • Get to the highest point in the plaza
  • Find the platform and destroy the enemies
  • Get 300 rings and come back!
  • Find the key for the Empanada Hut
  • Get the ball to land on the NPC's head