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This is the changelog for SF94-Serv post-release; all of these updates were released publicly. For a list of changes from the pre-release versions of SF94-Serv, click here.

Version 3.79 is the last major content release, and will likely not be updated unless there is a critical bug. It contains a Greenflower Zone hub. It is a preview of what is to come in future projects, along with the new release of SRB2. It also contains an unfinished lobby based on Lobby 11 from Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst.

Version 3.79

Note: The dates listed for this version (3.79) are not representative of the dates released. These are the dates implemented. Yes, I have been sitting on this update for practically 2 years.

  • Misc
    • Added new ring drop system. It has a 1 in 3 chance to drop an item at all, and plays a sound when it does. From there, there is a 1 in 10 chance of dropping a 1up, a 2 in 10 chance of dropping a 10 ring monitor, and the rest is all just a normal ring. NiGHTS sounds play for each "tier" of items it drops.
  • Misc
    • Fixed a missing redring sprite that I never even noticed.

  • Misc
    • Let the snowman go free.
  • Server Lobby
    • Removed existing event lobbies and merged them into one dynamic lobby with selectable event from the old Weegee teleporter. It can only be selected once per map load, so after an event is chosen (such as halloween), you must restart the map to change it again.
    • The "Party" lobby is now gone as a result of this new lobby, but will be replaced with other event lobbies in the future.
  • Neon Night
    • Removed all closed entrances to the unfinished area, as the map likely won't be completed anyway. Heading left from the start will take you directly to this area.
  • Server Lobby
    • Removed Weegee Room. Joining games that are in the lobby are now MUCH faster. The teleporter used for the Weegee Room will be used for something later.
  • Misc
    • Updated some music to use proper loop points. More specifically, the PSO music, which blatantly says where exactly the loop point should be. I just never noticed!
  • SF94-City
    • Re-modeled the transport building. The Greenflower Zone teleporter can now be found downstairs by the trains to Green City and Neon Night.

  • Misc
    • New Teleporter texture
    • Teleporter effect is now 60% opaque; affects all maps
  • SF94-City
    • Changed SF94-City TOD trigger behavior. Now triggers on level load.


  • Misc
    • Removed emerald sprites. Emerald sprites were re-added via regression. (Wad corruption shenanigans)
    • Fixed an issue nobody noticed with one of my fixed Sonic sprites. (named improperly)
    • Fixed bomb ring not playing full explosion sound
    • Made Ring-Regrab a toggle now. "RUNSOC RINGRAB1" and "RUNSOC RINGRAB0" to enable and disable respectively. Alternatively, "RINGREGRAB-ON" or "RINGREGRAB-OFF"
    • Fixed the Sonic statue's shading a bit for no apparent reason.

Version 3.78

Initial version


  • Misc:
    • Added Unlock music for various purposes.
    • Consolidated character wads.
    • Changed file-structure and organization of files thereof.
    • Added PSO spawn effect
    • Introducing: Project Puyo! The Puyo Puyo mode for SF94-Serv. Pop a Puyo, and a Giant Nuisance Puyo will find a random player and pelt him/her with a normal sized Nuisance Puyo. Note that this is unfinished and needs a lot of refinement. (Type: puyomode-on to enable it, and puyomode-off to disable. Shoot a ring while enabled, and it will be replaced with a Puyo instead.)
    • Changed blood to only work when you die. Seems to have been annoying. Plus, it fixes the DSZ (or waterslide related) issue(s).
    • Implemented a blue "..." indicator for NPCs that talk, but don't give useful information. New use for all indicators: ? = Has information; ! = Mission; ... = Doesn't have info, but talks.
    • Fixed an issue you never knew was there because it wasn't an issue in the version you had! =D (Texture related issues, most notably in Software)
    • Improved Chao sprites. I still think they look odd. These are going to be replaced entirely at some point.
    • Fixed yet ANOTHER issue you never knew was there because it wasn't an issue in the version you had! (Puyo and "..." indicator conflict)
    • Integrated Puyo Puyo mode into SF94-Serv (internally, as it was a separate file previously)
    • Changed the alias script to use csay instead of echo, so that non-admin server players don't get the wrong idea (i.e disable blood only to find out it didn't actually turn off like it said it did because they're not an admin/the host.)
    • Updated cities to properly utilize the "!", "?" and "..." indicators.
    • Added "Laser Tag" map (by Sik)
  • Server Lobby:
    • Removed the "ads" from the lobby. They seemed out of place.
    • Added trees to the lobby. They seem out of place too! =D
    • Updated Server Lobby space elevator to be less... stupid looking, I suppose. This one's a lot fancier and nicer looking.
    • Updated all the event Server Lobbies to the new lobby standard.
  • SF94-City:
    • Moved Plaza "Location Sign."
    • Added two new trains in SF94-City. One to Neon Night Zone, the other to Green City Zone.
    • Changed the color of the existing train to yellow.
    • Changed the jail to use a seamless teleporter when you fall off the edge, as opposed to going to a specific point.
    • Added "!" indicator over shop-unlock-mission NPC in SF94-City.
    • Added "!" indicator over ball-on-head mission NPC in SF94-City.
    • Updated music for SF94-City (thanks to MetalsonicMK72) with a better looping point.
    • Moved the outer walls of SF94-City a bit so you can get around the buildings.
    • Moved parts of the walls on the purple and yellow building in SF94-City so you can still squeeze in between them.
    • Used said unlock music for the "find the key" mission.
    • Added NPCs to the beach, house area, and Chao Garden. (SF94-City)
    • Made all doors intangible from the bottom. (SF94-City; i.e no more death door of death)
    • Added "Under Construction" sign by the housing area, considering how barren it is. This will change in updates to come.
    • Fixed trains to work for all player nodes online.
    • Added obligatory wiki advertising to the NPCs in the library cafe. (They both say the same thing. I'm lazy.)
    • Added an NPC that talks about the highest point in the plaza, to give some information as to how the corresponding mission is completed.
    • Updated the house in SF94-City to allow pushable objects to pass through the front door and back door. They don't work with the elevator yet. Sorry!
    • Made the two new trains not-climbable due to them having invisible FOFs on top and around them.
    • Extended the "Transportation Building" (the other green one with the trains - new official name) to house more teleporters.
    • Moved the teleporters from the shop into the Transport Building.
    • And as a result, I moved a little around in the shop to look nicer.
    • Changed the fountain to have a "lower poly-count," so to speak. It should help a bit on my endeavor for performance on older machines.
    • Made the Cafe/Library/whatever it is at this point a stand-alone building like the others (i.e you enter via teleporter to an off-site location with the actual inner building)
    • Re-designed the Chao Center. Can you guess what I used as a base? It's a newer version of what I used for the previous design.
    • Added server lobby style elevator to the city so that it looks nicer and is also more consistent.
    • Improved exiting buildings.
    • Improved entering buildings.
    • Replaced the weather building with a restaurant, "Empanada Hut". And as a note, there was a reference to MKI (A version of SF94-Serv that never saw the Internet past private testing) in there when it was still a weather building. "This is the weather building... again." <- MKI was the only other version of SF94-Serv to ever have a weather building.
    • Revamped the beach entirely. In fact, it's not even based off of the old one; it's brand new. It's based off of the Egg Carrier Chao Garden, so it works not only as a secondary Chao Garden, but as a beach. Win win.
  • Green City:
    • Updated all NPCs to use the proper indicators.
  • Neon Night:
    • BIG changes. That's about it. There are too many additions to list since I'm not the designer of that map. However, due to not being complete, these big changes are only visible from a distance =P


  • Quick fix. I found that there was a glitch with the elevator in SF94-City while playing online, and that has been fixed along with another elevator related glitch. A script has also been updated.
  • SF94-City:
    • Fixed elevator being usable without all players. To do this, I had to sacrifice some fancy sound effects, but it's not too bad. At least it works.
    • Fixed an issue that's been there for a looong time. Only one player would teleport when using the elevator. It now teleports everyone on the elevator.
    • Fixed an outdated script.

Revision B


  • Misc
    • Added Knuckles to the title screen.
    • Big thanks to Metalsonicmk72 for cutting down the size of the music, adding better looping points, etc.
    • Updated splash screen to point to the right website.
    • Removed stupid over exaggerated explosions from all the enemies.
    • Touched up sign textures.
  • Lobby
    • Lobby remodeled with performance and practicality in mind.
    • Updated the elevator to be a bit more multi-user-friendly. If somebody manages to get out as it's going down, it will teleport back up, and the doors will open.
    • Updated all lobbies to the new lobby standard.
  • SF94-City
    • Added empanadas to Empanada Hut (There are 8 empanadas per table.)
    • Additionally, added an empanada system. Recycle your empanadas when you're done (within Empanada hut) by putting them in the recycle teleporter at the front counter of the shop. Unfortunately, you can also put NPCs, Chao, or any other pushable objects in there. Don't blame me if somebody eats your Chao!... Or your Puyo!
  • Note: This brings SF94-Serv to 3.78b. However, there will be an update to follow which will change it to 3.79. (Unless something comes up and needs patching. If that happens, it'll go to 3.78c, then 3.79.) Sorry for a whole 6 months without any updates!


  • Misc
    • Added a new wad SF94-Dedi.wad which disables the time of day system in SF94-City for use on dedicated servers as a work around for a crash. This crash is related to the sky changing and will be fixed in future versions of SRB2; this fix is all I can do for the time being.

Version 3.77

Initial version

Date unknown

  • Updates to Senku and Nitemare. What those are, I have no idea, but they're up to date now, thanks to Senku himself.
  • Senku and Nitemare exploded. Senku has fixed the issue, and the files have been uploaded.
  • A new addition to the character selection, Sinkoo. This does not load by default as of yet because I'm too lazy.

Revision B


  • Added custom FOFs to block pushable objects (NPCs, fish, etc).
  • Texture alignment fixes to the buildings that use teleporters to get into.
  • Added small Dreamcast textures for use in buildings and such.
  • Made the Chao Center's VMU Machine smaller. (The reason it was big is this: In the prototype builds of SF94-Serv, one of the slots lead to a VMU Machine at the beach. The beach was remade several times, and the machine was never re-added.)
  • Improved function of all VMU Machines.
  • Fixed the elevator in the city. When all players stand on it, it will wait 3 seconds, then start to ascend, and it will teleport all the players back to the server lobby.
  • Added a new "?" sign. It will give you information, so it's consistent with the NPC indicators. (The sign that tells you you're in the plaza could have been mistaken for a mission sign, which is indicated by a "!")
  • Added a daylight system to the City. The cycle is 24 minutes long. It starts in the day now--which lasts for 10 minutes. After that, there's a 2 minute fade (early evening, late evening) , then it goes into night time. Night time lasts 10 minutes as well, then has a two minute fade, then it goes back into day. (i.e: Day -> Early evening -> Late evening -> Night -> Early morning -> Morning -> Reset) This also includes colormaps. The colormaps can be glitchy, but please bear with it for the time being. I'm working on it.
  • Added a new mission. (Credit to Sonickidnextgen for the idea. This is sorta meant to make fun of the original "Get the ball off of his head!" mission. Only this time, you will get very frustrated if you miss, I'll say that much. >=D)
  • A mission has been added to unlock the weather building. Help the owner find his/her key for the shop. This has been added due to the addition of the daylight system. The building will soon be replaced with something else, such as a small pizza place. This mission also takes advantage of the new addition, as follows:
  • Added a "Generic Item" for missions. It can be any sort of item that would be collected in a mission. For instance, if somebody lost their car keys, this "Generic Item" would be the object you would look for.
  • Made balloons poppable. (They work like springs)
  • All building doors have timers set up so that once open, if they aren't closed, they close automatically after 5 seconds. (This may be glitchy, please report any problems with them.)


  • Another quick fix has been done to the city. The "shop" thing in the city where you can change size, the normal size one didn't work.


  • Happy Dreamcast day! Enjoy the temporary balloons and Dreamcast fountain in the city.


  • It's been reverted now. Enjoy your lack of updates.

Version 3.76

This is the initial release version of SF94-Serv.

Initial version


  • Misc
    • Made floor spikes solid. Just so that I can be lazy and not use an invisible spike sector FOF.
  • SF94-City
    • Fixed the stairs in the Chao Center and "Ball Room"... or whatever I call that thing. They were glitchy.
    • Changed some glass doors to normal opaque doors.

Revision B


  • Fixed a glitch where the music wad would not load when joining a server because it was seen as unimportant. (Added a dummy lump to fix it)
  • Changed the "Please do not play on the master server!" to something relevant.

Revision C


  • Fixed a missing texture issue in the train station.
  • Fixed a texture alignment issue in the lobby (and all versions of it throughout the holiday wads, of course).
  • Fixed the issue with the secret tunnel not having snow on it, and relocated it... again. >_>
  • Fixed camera glitching issue (for the most part) when going into buildings. And no, not the getting stuck behind doors issue. The one where your camera would get stuck outside the thok barrier. =V
  • Fixed a typo in the shop.
  • Added level select pictures for SF94-City and the server lobby
  • Added the city to the level select list, so you can host in say, tag, hide and seek(sik), etc.
  • Changes by Senku:
    • Updated SF94-Senku, Senya, and Nitemare to be... not outdated.

Revision D


  • Fixed house elevator timing issue
  • Added a hax thingy so that if somebody locks the door to the house and dies, all players can stand outside the door and it will open.
  • Remade train teleporter due to timing and inefficiency issues
  • Re-added Gelespious Mountain and re-added a texture that it used for nostalgia purposes
  • Fixed the Spoiler: kool aid man collision radius issue, keeping the object from Spoiler: coming out of the ground in the secret area of Gelespious Mountain.
  • Fixed a texture in that same area ^
  • Senku re-fixed Nitemare for the millionth time *runs*
  • Replaced the retarded "get the ball off of his head" mission with one that's slightly less retarded/glitchy. A platform comes out of the ground with enemies on it, and you just kill them. You get nothing. =V


  • Senku, Senya, and Nitemare updated by Senku, obviously. I didn't really do much in-depth testing, but they should be fine.