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Here is a list of people who were involved (even somewhat indirectly) with SF94-Serv.

Bug Fixers


  • Whoever made the pumpkin and jack-o-lantern sprites from SRB2 JTE. I'm thinking around the lines of Senku or JTE himself, but I don't know. All credit goes to their respective owners.
  • Chrispy for the Fish.
  • Sykotic for Cannonball sprites.
  • Various sources. If you find something that is yours, please notify me, and I'll do what I can.
  • ZeldaGamer00
  • SonicFreak94


  • Shuffle (Palmtree leaf texture, despite being remade)
  • Sik the hedgehog
  • SonicFreak94 hurr durr
  • SEGA/Sonic Team
  • Nami
  • DarkWarrior (that old DX texture pack that was on his site is for some reason in here -- will most likely be removed)

SFX and Music

Level design

Private Beta testers

Old private beta testers

  • Sykotic
  • Booman
  • Hannah
  • Metroid Master
  • Dust
  • Bennybot the fox
  • Kitsune
  • HyperKnux
  • KashiSD22
  • xsrb2x aka SilverESP
  • Taco King
  • KO.T.E
  • Blade
  • Kaysakado
  • Armonté
  • Rukario
  • AshuraXDemon

Special thanks to