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A screenshot of the server lobby. The teleporter to the city can be seen from here.

The server lobby is where players meet when the server has just been started. Once all players have joined, they go on the teleporter at the center that leads to the city The server lobby is located in space, right over the city and has some random goodies as well.

Lobby functions

Normally, when hosting a server, it is started inside the server lobby map. This place is used to wait for all players to join the server before going into the city. In it there are eight blue teleporters where players appear whenever they join. Once all players have joined the server, they go into the space elevator at the central area of the lobby, where they're taken down to the city.


  • The original version of the lobby (or the "Lobby MKI") was originally a very simple room, completely untextured, with eight primitive teleporters where players spawned on when joined, and an elevator/teleporter in the middle that would send them to the city. The city teleporter also was prone to failure, in some cases going as far as falling back to its starting position in a free fall failing to send the players to the city.
  • The second version of the lobby (as seen in SF94-Serv MKII), and is based off of the lobbies from Phantasy Star Online. This lobby is located in space, and introduced a whole new look, much more modern. It also had several of its floor being made out of liquid glass, a new technology borrowed from the future (year 9001 more specifically) that is used for building solid structures (since despite being liquid, it retains its shape) and also allows lifeforms to grow on it.
  • The current lobby is almost identical to MKII, being a straight port of it to the new SRB2 version. The only major difference is the way the teleporter to the city works, going downwards instead of upwards to prevent players from being accidentally crushed if they happen to be at the border of the sector. There are other minor cosmetic changes as well.