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Stephany is a red hedgehog girl that makes cameos at both Green City and Neon Night. Stephany is a fancharacter whose first appearance was in Sik's SRB2-Town, a fanfic about the SRB2 community he used to write back in the day. Considering how Sik designed those two maps, it isn't surprising Stephany makes a cameo there.


Green City

Stephany seems to have moved to Green City, because her house is located here! As you enter the city, go straight forwards, until you fall down. To your right you should see some stairs. Go up there and you'll be taken to her house.

Neon Night

Stephany seems to wander Neon Night too! Go to the area in front of the Casino, but instead of going into the Casino, go to the opposite side (jump above the bricks then above the wall). Keep going that way and you'll find two rooms made out of bricks. Stephany will be in one of them, claiming it to be her "secret place".


  • Her original appearance was in the first episode of SRB2-Town.
  • Her clothing in SRB2-Town was different as well.
  • She has a tendency to cause lots of trouble for Sik if she's around.
  • She seems to have a crush for green hedgehogs. More specifically, one green hedgehog.
  • She's considered to be in direct competition with Rouge.
  • She's the only NPC to actually feature custom sprites for all angles.