This is my Sandwich which is graciously hosted by ReimuNET.
It was developed in Notepad++ with terrible PHP and CSS skills.

This is basically where I upload my stuff that I release, or I keep backups of various tools or mods. Look around and you'll see.
We also have a small, humble community on IRC.


You can contact me via these methods:

Skype SonicFreak94 Set a custom message or I won't accept!
Steam SonicFreak94
Twitter @SonicFreak94
GitHub Here!
YouTube youtube.com/user/sonicfreak94 (Please use private messages, not channel comments)
IRC Information here Say my name or send a direct message to get my attention!*

* IRC channels are not 24/7 instant-response support channels. You may need to wait minutes, hours, or even come back later before you get a response. You can speed up the process by mentioning who you need to talk to by name, or by sending them a message directly.