Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future Soundtrack

Version: 1.1
Fixed some improperly credited tracks. (Original Soundtrack zip only)

A lot of the information here is also in the text file included in the download. It is here as well for filler convenience.

Technical stuff

Please do not re-distribute this without permission.
You may link to the original source, but you may not re-upload any of the files without consent, unless they are unavailable for more than a week.
If that's the case, and I (SonicFreak94) have not mirrored it by that time, you can assume that the site is dead and upload a mirror.
Unless obtained from*, I cannot guarantee its integrity.

If you find your content in these packages and would like to have it removed, use the contact information on the About page. I mean no harm by distributing this data and will oblige to the request.


  • For cinematics without dialog, I recommend the soundtrack release over at Caverns of Hope.

  • Some folders have "notes.txt" which I encourage you to read. They contain a tracklist and more information regarding the tracks in that folder.

  • I deliberately did not attach the album art to each individual file in order to reduce filesize.

    • Most media players will probably work with "cover.png", but otherwise, most major media players can also be used to attach the art manually.

  • Some track names are in reference to the soundtrack found in the link below. I have tried contacting the owner, but I haven't received a response


More detailed information on these sources, in addition to software used and special thanks, can be found in the README.txt file in the archive for the main game soundtrack below. (Original Soundtrack)


This soundtrack is split into 3 packages just in case you don't want all of it.