IRC Channel

Channel: #SF94

This is the IRC Channel, the main source of activity on this website, and probably the best way to contact me.

Feel free to join in after you read the rules below.

If you have an IRC client and know what you're doing, join with the details listed above or click here: irc://
Otherwise, you can join using Mibbit.


These are the rules loosely enforced in #SF94.

No NSFW content

Not Safe For Work content will not be tolerated.

Don't be inappropriate

Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. #SF94 is inbetween PG and PG-13.

Don't harass other users

This includes but is not limited to excessive highlights (mentioning their name).

Don't abuse bots

Unless the channel operators are playing along, please don't abuse the bots, because chances are that nobody else is in the mood to see it.

Bot requirements

If your bot has the ability to talk, generally be annoying, or has any features related to the channel it is in, it must have easily accessible commands usable by the channel operators to make it shut up before somebody dies. Otherwise, your bot is not welcome in #SF94.