My Mods & Hacks

Sonic Adventure

My Sonic Adventure hacks - Primarily SADX PC '04 stuff.

Sonic Adventure 2

My Sonic Adventure 2 hacks - Right now, contains only PC mods.


MainMemory's Page

MainMemory's Page is full of Sonic Adventure series hacking utilities, hacks she makes herself, and more! Check it out!

Sonic Retro

Sonic Retro - Full of useful hacking related information for ANY Sonic game. Just look around on the forum and the wiki!


Note: I didn't make any of these utilities. These are all old utilities made by others that I've simply archived here on my website since everyone keeps losing them.

Additionally, many of them have newer more functional alternatives created and hosted by MainMemory as listed above. It's recommended you use them instead unless they don't work for your purposes.