Sonic Adventure Hacks & Mods

Sonic Adventure DX: Fixed Edition

Sonic Adventure DX: Fixed Edition is a mod for Sonic Adventure DX PC 2004--with partial support for Steam/Dreamcast Collection and others (GameCube & Dreamcast)--which contains various fixes in relation to item layouts, textures, models, sounds, and more.

Download: Sonic Retro thread.

Input Mod

Fixes camera issues with XInput controllers, enables rumble, fixes triggers, etc. Doesn't yet have configurable controls.

Download: All Releases (GitHub)
Instructions & Info: Sonic Retro thread

Idle Chatter

Press the Z button to hear what your character has to say.

Download: All Releases (GitHub)

Pause Hide

Press X+Y to hide the pause menu like the Dreamcast version. Great for screenshots.

Download: All Releases (GitHub)

Smooth Cam

Makes first person camera full range and variable speed instead of 8-directional fixed speed. Video below.

Download: All Releases (GitHub)

Chao Spin Swap

Swaps X and B buttons in the Chao Garden. X to spindash, B to grab your Chao.

Download: All Releases (GitHub)